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WE ❤️ RETAIL Stories | Chris Lucas - LUCAS Group

Chris Lucas, the entrepreneur behind some of Australia's hottest laneway restaurants and bars, talks to Zelman again about his experiences and plans for the LUCAS Group. Chris continues to be a major force behind Australia's global culinary reputation. We have compared Chris's answers from our 2020 interview and 2023 interview.

WE ❤️ RETAIL Stories | Frank & Carmelo Bazzano - Alpha Brothers

In this episode of We ❤️ Retail Stories, Frank Bazzano and Carmelo Bazzano, are brothers and owners of Alpha Barbers in Melbourne CBD. The Bazzano brothers have revitalised the traditional barbershop and share their insights on running a small business. They reflect on their journey, emphasising the importance of overcoming fear and taking risks. The brothers discuss their partnership dynamics, the significance of choosing inspiring locations, and the value of hiring skilled and character-driven individuals. They also share their experiences and lessons learned, including the mistake of staying in a particular shopping centre for too long. Overall, they advise small business owners to be authentic, believe in themselves, and have a physical presence in their businesses. The Bazzano brothers express their gratitude for their current three stores while remaining open to future opportunities. They discuss the importance of the City of Melbourne's support and express a desire for more presence and engagement from the council.

WE ❤️ RETAIL Stories | Peter Armstrong - Invest Melbourne

Peter Armstrong, a former Coles executive, heads up Invest Melbourne, a new body created by the City of Melbourne to encourage businesses to establish their headquarters “Invest Melbourne was born last year with a focus on domestic and foreign direct investment into the City of Melbourne.”--Peter Armstrong

WE ❤️ RETAIL Stories | Anthony Hoffman - ACRD

ACRD has unmatched experience in planning, designing and delivering shops for retailers all over Australia. Whenever there are challenges with a retail obstacle, Anthony always manages to see things no one else does and works with the stakeholders to design the best outcomes. Anthony has a unique talent and passion for retail.

A-P Retail Stories | Georgia Samuel - Blue Rock

Georgia Samuel, who founded and served as the CEO of the highly successful and renowned salad bar chain, Famish'd, has now assumed the role of COO at Blue Rock. During our conversation, we will delve into the nature of Blue Rock, the challenges of managing a business in the retail industry within a bustling city, and strategies for effective operations.

A-P Retail Stories | Jason Holmes - The Retail Group (TRG)

TRG is focused on retail design, construction, and project management. WIth 30 yrs experience delivering retail fit-outs across all retail categories. Jason Holmes from TRG has great insight on how best to approach retail from both the landlord and tenant side.

A-P Retail Stories | Simon O'Regan - Earl Canteen & DAME

Starting a business can be scary - it takes courage - risk - determination. Watch this interview with Simon O'Regan about his inspirational journey with his wife Jackie from quitting their jobs and selling their flat, to owning some of the most successful cafe businesses in the Melbourne CBD.

A-P Retail Stories | Brent Solomon - Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group

Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group develops and operates bespoke restaurant brands Meat & Wine Co, Ribs & Burgers, 6 HEAD, Hunter Barrel, Italian Street Kitchen, and Butcher and the Farmer are some of the iconic businesses in the group. Brent is known in the company as ‘the operations guru’, he is responsible for the company operations, the management of business functions and relationships, and the opening of new restaurants.

A-P Retail Stories | Asif Mamun - Delaware North

A-PTV series with Delaware North, one of the largest global hospitality businesses employing 55,000 staff and annual revenue of $2.3b. Executive Chef Asif Mamun shares insights into running Australia’s largest commercial kitchen, catering for 100,000 patrons a day at the Australian Open across 14 days, to 2023’s evolving trends. Be it Scott Pickett’s “Picketts Deli” at Melbourne Airport, the AO at Melbourne Olympic Parks, Adelaide and Perth airports or major events at Melbourne’s renown MCG and Marvel Stadiums, Chef Asif and his team at Delaware North are at the forefront of innovation, delivering the best in world class hospitality and major events.

A-P Retail Stories | Andrew Petersen - Calibre

Our first guest in A-PTV, Andrew Petersen of Calibre, will share how the business started and where the industry is going. I hope you enjoy this first A-P video for 2023 as much as we do!

A-P Retail Stories | Tim Hobson - Sussane

This week in A-P TV, Tim Hobson will be sharing with us (whatever he is allowed to) some pretty good insight as to what's happening in the market as far as brands, turnovers, trends, activities, who's coming, who's going and where it's headed towards.

A-P Retail Stories | Andrew Henderson - Aldi

This week in A-PTV, Andrew Henderson is one of the property directors and will talk about the Aldi way of doing business--quality products, low price, and value products. He will give us insight into this fascinating brand. It now has 11% of the market share and is Australia's most trusted supermarket all in 20 years from coming to the country.

A-P Retail Stories | Justine Buhrmann - Gough Recruitment

This week in A-P TV we have Justine Buhrmann from Gough Recruitment. She will talk to us about this problem that everyone is complaining about with staffing, finding staff, staff that want to work, keeping staff, planning for future growth, and many more. Please stay tuned for some really good insight, ideas and advice both for employers and employees in this tricky, unique, and unusual time with staffing.

A-P Retail Stories | Katherine Kemp - ZWEI

In this week's episode in A-PTV, Katherine Kemp from ZWEI will talk about all the trends in interior and architecture design, where it's coming from, and where it is going around design and sustainability.

A-P Retail Stories | Carly Whitelaw - Munro Footwear Group

Carly shares personal insights into gender equality, managing a senior property role alongside raising a family, and what her portfolio of over 300 stores may look like in 2030! Tune in to learn Carly's expectations from leasing executives and landlords alike.

A-P Retail Stories | Ned Radojcic - Ned's Bake

Ned will be sharing with us some good insights into how he come to do this and what makes a good retail concept and how he's created it in a relatively short period of time. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we do.

A-P Retail Stories | Tim McDonald - Fonda

In this episode, Tim McDonald will share with us tips on how to open and be successful in a business even if you don't have experience on it. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.

A-P Retail Stories | Viktor Vagner Cromb - Kookai

A-P Retail Stories | Jasong Chang - Calia

Today in A-P TV, Jason Chang will talk about his experience of opening and expanding his business in the last two years, especially during the pandemic, and the roles he plays in the city of Melbourne.

A-P Retail Stories | Daniel Ziffer - ABC News

Today in A-PTV, one of Melbourne's very own, Daniel Ziffer, will share his perspective on Melbourne, retail and the CBD and just hear him talk about his views.

A-P Retail Stories | Trevor Simmons - Industry Beans

Today in A-PTV, Trevor Simmons of Industry Beans will share with us how he and his brother started from humble beginnings and will teach us a very important lesson in life.

A-P Retail Stories | Lord Mayor Sally Capp - City of Melbourne

This week on A-P TV, Lord Mayor Sally Capp, who is a repeat guest in A-P TV will talk through the biggest priorities for 2022

A-P Retail Stories | Ingrid Bakker - Hassel

Ingrid is the managing principal of Hassles Office here in Melbourne. Ingrid and her team are responsible for our precincts Melbourne Airport's office buildings, retail and everything. Basically, anything designing things for the future and creating places people love.

A-P Retail Stories | Nick Travers - Technē

Nick Travers from Technē Architects is one of the founders of Technē, which has been around for 20 years. Technē is a commercial architect with a passion in hospitality. Today, we're going to talk about everything commercial from retail to office, mixed use precinct planning where it's all heading, how best to counsel, what to do with aging buildings, and where the future of retail and the future of hospitality is heading towards.

A-P Retail Stories | Nicholas D'Angelo - Little Bang Espresso

Nicholas will talk us through the journey of the goal of starting his own business, evolving and growing it, and just some lessons he's learned along the way, entering a very competitive coffee market here in the Melbourne CBD.

A-P Retail Stories | Michael Diston - Baker McKenzie

Michael represents a lot of luxury retailers who have retail stores here in Australia and he'll talk to us about what major landlords and major retailers are doing and planning for the future with their retail leases and their properties.

AP-TV Retail Stories - Michael Hobday | 7-Eleven

This week we are joined with Michael Hobday. Michael is the head of network strategy for 7-Eleven in Australia.

A-P Retail Stories l Scott Keck - Charter Keck Cramer

A-P Retail Stories l Michael Argyrou - Hickory Group

Today we are here with Michael Argyrou from Hickory, Michael started Hickory with his brother about 30 years ago out of his parents garage and now he's one of the top private builders here in Australia

A-P Retail Stories l Greg Sanderson - Speakeasy Group

Today we are interviewing Greg Sanderson, who is one of the partners and founding directors of the Speak Easy Group.

A-P Retail Stories l David Makin - Axil Coffee

A-P Retail Stories l Lord Mayor Sally Capp

Lord Mayor Sally Capp discusses what is happening in Melbourne! All the great initiatives and programs her office is doing to help residents, landlords and retailers.

A-P Retail Stories l ARM Architecture

Jesse Judd & Amber Stewart of ARM Architecture speak to us about what it's like being architects that really design the fabric of Melbourne's streets, culture, retail and shopping centres.

A-P Retail Stories l Fender Katsalidis & Cox Architecture

In this episode we speak with two of Melbournes best architects, Karl Fender of Fender Kalsalidis & Philip Rowe of Cox Architects. These two men are responsible for shaping the city into what it is today, and we discuss the thought process that goes into creating building designs that will stay relevant for a long period of time.

A-P Retail Stories l Lisa Shalem - Shoes & Sox

Lisa shares her journey of running the family business with her parents, selling to private equity and growing the business to over $100M with over 90 stores, balancing her life with her children and family.

Retail Stories | Martin Matthews of APG & Co

In this episode we speak with Martin Matthews of APG & Co, who own Sportscraft, SABA & JAG which are about to relaunch. Martin has fantastic experience in Sales, Retail, Culture, Customer Engagement, and shopping centres. In this episode he will share with us some of the experiences and lessons he’s had throughout his journey and how to manage a fashion brand in that middle market.

Retail Stories | Maaryasha Werdiger

In this episode we talk with Maaryasha Werdiger of Zelda Bakery. Maaryasha discusses her journey from her kitchen to her garage to now a retail store, taking us through the pressure, stress and reward throughout. Her story is inspiring to artisans out there who are looking to take their hobby and turn it into a business.

Retail Stories | Kate Hely

In this episode we talk to the Mayor of the City of Stonnington, Kate Hely. Kate is Young, Fresh, Cool, Entertaining, Engaging & has a very strong background in advertising, business engagement & strategy. Kate's approach to council is so refreshing, we hope you enjoy this interview.

Retail Stories | Guy Grossi

This episode we talk to Guy Grossi of Grossi Florentino, Guy is the culinary Godfather of Melbourne. We talk to Guy about all the lessons he's learned throughout his career in the hospitality industry.

Retail Stories | Mark Rubbo

This episode we talk to Mark Rubbo of Readings, Mark is an authentic, true Australian retail hero, who really understand his industry, customers and products. With close to 50 years experience, selling records, books & gifts.

Retail Stories | Gabby Leibovich

This episode with Gabby Leibovich of retail giant, Catch, is one not to miss. Gabby provides valuable insights and lessons for every business owner, including his number one tip – “it’s all about the people”.

Retail Stories | James Sinclair

James Sinclair is behind the sports and entertainment giants, TGI and Sporting Globe brands in Australia. He manages more than 30 venues and 1,200 staff across the country. We talk to James about 2020, and what it meant for his business, and what we can expect from the year ahead.

Retail Stories | Kate & Cameron Reid

In this episode we talk to Kate and Cameron Reid about their journey from creating a business from scratch to being awarded the world’s number one croissant by the New York Times. There are some great lessons and learnings to take away from this new business success story.

Retail Stories | Teage Ezard

Teage Ezard is the founder and creator of Gingerboy. We talk to Teage about the early days with Ezard in 1999 in Flinders Lane, the creation of Gingerboy, and the lessons and learnings gained throughout his career.

Retail Stories | Ken Gray

With 35 years in the property law business, Ken Gray has worked with the biggest landlords and tenants in the country. His knowledge and experience spans all facets of property. We sit down with Ken to learn from his experiences and how we can apply it to what we do.

Retail Stories | Stephen Younane

A-P TV talks with Stephen Younane, co-founder and CEO of Retail Prodigy Group, about the Samsung brand and what it means for its consumers. We also discuss the reaction of landlords in the current climate, and the structural changes happening within retail.

Retail Stories | Salvatore Maltesta

Salvatore Malatesta, founder, director, and genius, behind St Ali Coffee Roasters shares his experience of reinventing his business in 2020 and building for 2021. Gain great insights and advice from Melbourne’s “Coffee King”. Transitioning from a cafe operation into a sanitiser manufacturer, grocer, promoter, fashion designer, and so much more during an uncertain time

Retail Stories | Fun Lab

Funlab’s founder and CEO, Michael Schreiber, talks about keeping positive, focused, and driven, no matter what comes your way. The group's global business works their way from shut down to reopening even stronger.

Retail Stories | Shane Delia

Celebrity Chef Shane Delia reveals the making of Melbourne's successful Providoor during the 2020 lock down, and ultimately reinventing Melbourne’s hospitality landscape to bring the restaurant experience to customers' homes. Chef and owner of Maha and Biggie Smalls, is well known for hosting his own TV shows, Spice Journey and Recipe For Life. Shane shares his insights and learnings from within the hospitality industry, and how to apply them in today’s environment.

Retail Stories | Mark Dundon

Global coffee roaster and retailer Mark Dundon, founder and owner of iconic Seven Seed coffee brand, talks about brand culture and staying relevant during times of change.

Retail Stories | Bruce Keebaugh

Melbourne’s pre-eminent caterer for the rich and famous, Bruce Keebaugh of The Big Group explains what is happening with major Australian sporting events amidst the pandemic, along with the future of retail, mental health, and dignity in the industry. Tune in for a really, entertaining interview with a Melburnian celebrity.

Retail Stories | Stephen Younane

NIKE's Australian partner and retail entrepreneur, Stephen Younane, talks about the importance of brand value, culture, and customer service. Steve’s business Retail Prodigy Group (RPG) partners with NIKE, Samsung, TOMS, and other global brands to operate their store network. RPG is a big believer and supporter of bricks and mortar retail.

Retail Stories | Chris Lucas

Australia’s restaurant king and celebrity restaurateur, Chris Lucas of the Lucas Group, tells us in no uncertain terms what it takes to make a successful restaurant, culture, city, and council. Chris teaches us a valuable lesson in customer service, and how to maintain a loyal clientele. There are no ‘hold backs’ with this unfiltered and direct messaging on how to excel in business.

Retail Stories | Bobby Zagame

Luxury car dealership, and Melbourne identity, Bobby Zagame of Zagame Automotive Group, talks about what to do when the going gets tough. It is an opportunity to strip down your business, roll up your sleeves, and go back to doing the basics - really well. Bobby is a major distributor of luxury cars in Australia, including Maserati, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and so many more. Zagame’s approach to business is with pure excellence and benchmark customer service.

Retail Stories | Nerida Conisbee

Australian icon and TV presenter Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist of REA Group, shares her views on the property market from within, and across Australia. Nerida’s clear and fresh views have allowed her to become the pre-eminent property economist in Australia.

Retail Stories | Paul Waterson

Australia’s biggest pub group CEO Paul Waterson of Aus Venue Co, with over 200 pubs and $650 million of annual revenue, Paul has a thing or two to share about the pub industry.

Retail Stories | Daniel Agostinelli

Sneaker King and business celebrity Daniel Agostinelli, CEO of Accent Group, speaks about how he is selling $1 billion of shoes a year with global brands like Dr Martin, Skechers, HYPE Dc, Platypus, VANS, Timberland, PIVOT, Subtype, The Athlete’s Foot, Sneaker Lab and more. Daniel’s group is reinventing the retail landscape with each of the group's 500+ stores.

Retail Stories | Tom King

Adidas’ Australian partner, Tom King, sheds light on some of the interesting and exciting retail plans for Adidas for their Australian customers. Also, hear how global retailers have navigated their way through 2020 successfully, with some exciting insights, predictions, trends, and inspiration.

Retail Stories | George Sykiotis

Melbourne businessman and influencer George Sykiotis of Lucy Liu and Lupino, speaks on how we can improve the hospitality industry, financial fundamentals, running a restaurant business, activations, and brand awareness. A refreshing and humorous interview celebrating Melbourne’s better operators.

Retail Stories | Robert DiCintio

Robert DiCintio of Trenerry Property Group explains what goes into $300 million mixed use projects in Melbourne. It’s fantastic to hear from a developer on site and take key learnings from a major inner city, mixed use development project.

AP-TV | Gurner

In this episode, Tim Gurner shares his thoughts on success, failures, accomplishments, and fears, as the founder of Gurner.

AP-TV | Lord Mayor Sally Cap

Lord Mayor, Sally Capp, talks to Zelman Ainsworth and Nerida Conisbee about future growth, opportunities, and key learnings to create a positive outlook for this great city of Melbourne.

AP-TV | Vicinity Centres

Carolyn Viney, Chief Development Officer at Vicinity, shares her thoughts on the importance of creating experiences for a changing customer, diversity in the workplace, and the biggest opportunities for shopping centres.


Adrian Pozzo talks all things property, including apartment space, office, retail, hotels and how the CBD is changing during this time, and what Cbus is doing to adapt to the change.

AP-TV | The Panel

A panel discussion with industry leaders to discuss all commercial asset classes, and the importance of establishing clear and decisive plans for the future.

AP-TV | Mr Mark Leibler AC

Mark Leibler talks about leadership, and how best to serve your customers, communities, and the importance of giving back wherever possible.

AP-TV | Mirvac

Mirvac CEO, Susan Lloyd Hurwitz, shares her valuable insight and the approach Mirvac is taking to navigate challenging times, and the importance of investing in building a terrific culture and strong leadership.

AP-TV | Melbourne’s Top Architects

Zelman Ainsworth talks to two market leaders about the future of office, hotel, retail, apartment living and strip shops. This is a fun one – check it out!

AP-TV | Martin Ritchie

Today we talk to Martin Ritchie, fund manager from GPT who shares insights his one of a kind way of people management, real estate management and fund management.

AP-TV | Jonathan Callaghan

Having spend over a decade at investor, the now CEO Jonathan Callaghan discusses how the past 12 months have effected the office market and what we will see in the future.

AP-TV | Simon Gray & Michael Argyrou

These two heavy weights in the building industry discuss what has happened with construction costs and what has happened within the market over the last 12 months.

AP -TV | David Harrison

Today we interview David Harrison the CEO of Charter Hall, as Charter Hall make some very big moves in the CBD, we hear about how the last 12 months have effected the market and how this market leader have continue to perform.

AP-TV | Brendan Pihan

The CEO of Essendon Fields, one of Australia's most successful and diverse mixed use developments sits down to discuss what it is like to build, plan and continue to evolve such a mixed use development in the 2020 market.

AP-TV | Anthony Boyd

Anthony Boyd, CEO of Fraser Property Group, discusses starting a new role during a pandemic, what asset classes have been a surprise in 2020 and what he sees coming next for real estate.

A-P Retail Stories - Zoom Edition | Leighton Hunziker - Savills

This week, we have Leighton Hunziker from Savills to tell us how some major retailers from around the world see the Australian market and some takeouts on being an #australianretailer.

A-P Retail Stories - Mark Pomeroy | Pomeroy Pacific

This week on A-P TV, Mark Pomeroy of Pomeroy Pacific gave a quick snap shot of the current market and where the opportunities are.

A-P Retail Stories - Carly Whitelaw | Munro Footwear Group

Carly Whitelaw of Munro Footwear Group shared her insights on how to manage career, family, and studies while WFH. Tune in to another episode of A-P TV with Zelman Ainsworth.

A-P Retail Stories - Anastasia Passmore | City Cave

This week, Josh Luftig took over A-P TV interview and sat down with Anastasia Passmore from City Cave. Anastasia shared her insights on being a property manager of a growing company during the pandemic.

A-P Retail Stories - Zoom Edition | Mawuse Ziegbe - Camper

Today, Mawuse Ziegbe from Camper, will be giving us some points and strategies that big retailers do during the pandemic.