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For Lease

1 Hudson Road, Spotswood

 Cadence Spotswood 

The proposal:

  • Re-develop 1 Hudsons Road over various stages to include office, hospitality and small production spaces that also includes best in-class environmentally sustainable design, green spaces and corresponding landscaping initiatives.
  • Restore the existing two-storey building on Hudsons Road for commercial office and retail space.
  • Restore two of the three existing warehouse sheds for production and hospitality spaces.
  • Two-storey office buildings on the boundary of 1 Hudsons Road along Bernard and three-story office buildings facing Craig Street.
  • A series of mid-rise office buildings centrally located in 1 Hudsons Road with front of house facilities for co-working and or retail occupants.
  • Plenty of space for bike racks and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Landscaped gardens, kids play areas and generous outdoor space.
  • Canopy planting throughout the site.
  • Multiple pedestrian pathways throughout, including pedestrian-only areas.